Sunday, April 11, 2010

A relationship I love to hate

Though you're not so far away from me
I don't believe our love was really meant to be
In your heart, a lot of emptiness i do see
I'm sorry, a dark future for us i foresee !
In silence we lay, for weeks we do not communicate.
I'm sorry to say that this kind of relationship I love to hate
Dear, can we say we do date?
Or rather, is this destiny or maybe fate?
Mistake me not,for I blame you not for anything
But the circumstances render our love worth nothing!
I know you feel the same and clearly know our love is lame!
Agree its true, don't feel any shame!
For a long time i didn't understand
that our love was a missile not known where it would land.
Though I don't regret, im sorry to ever take your hand.
Like a little child, I've lived without a stand
Its one year yet it seems so grand!
I know you need some free space
and I need to exit your special place!
Lets just be friends and finish this crazy race ...
I apologize, i wish i could say this face to face.


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