Sunday, April 11, 2010

A relationship I love to hate

Though you're not so far away from me
I don't believe our love was really meant to be
In your heart, a lot of emptiness i do see
I'm sorry, a dark future for us i foresee !
In silence we lay, for weeks we do not communicate.
I'm sorry to say that this kind of relationship I love to hate
Dear, can we say we do date?
Or rather, is this destiny or maybe fate?
Mistake me not,for I blame you not for anything
But the circumstances render our love worth nothing!
I know you feel the same and clearly know our love is lame!
Agree its true, don't feel any shame!
For a long time i didn't understand
that our love was a missile not known where it would land.
Though I don't regret, im sorry to ever take your hand.
Like a little child, I've lived without a stand
Its one year yet it seems so grand!
I know you need some free space
and I need to exit your special place!
Lets just be friends and finish this crazy race ...
I apologize, i wish i could say this face to face.


All Truly yours, Alone

Just imagine
In this wide world
There's no one like you!
In this place where man exists, you are a creature so new,
No one else would substitute or do what you do!
Your dreams,
Your thoughts,
Your talents,goals...are all truly yours alone!
None can replace you when you're gone.
Always Treasure the day you were born
Thank God that everyday comes to you at dawn
because the future is foggy, no man has known.

Just Imagine
Life without you on earth,
Would there be anything left worth?
The prints on you hands,
The substance of your heart,
The unique thoughts in your mind,
The life time in this great land,
Are all truly yours alone!
The quality of life in you,
The human in you,
Your marvelous physique
Are all truly yours alone.
In this world that's what you'll always own!

-Kirega Titus