Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Beggar

I speak for the poor,who shall hear me?
Did I deserve such a life?
Being born blind and poor means I WONT SURVIVE!
They left me because of this?

I wake up on a blanket of mist
Wondering whether they'll help me atleast!
Oh, they feast! they've developed big cheeks,
My presence in the east takes them to the west.

I live upon the streets
I live among the beggars.
I dream of breads and fruits
But i live on garbage and hand outs.

They ignore me when they see my trace.
where i sit they increase their pace
Even a laughing couple would rather change the smile on their face
And most people have changed their routes because of my place!

Men of the world,would you let me understand
How manage to live with such stand.
A stand to decide not to give!
I hope God will forgive!

Tears roll down my cheeks
When I receive love from my dog-Meek
Who is always there when I cry
And will cry when I die!

-Titus M K