Thursday, July 30, 2009

You are all this to me

You are the thought that starts each morning
The conlusion to each day
And everything i say

You are the smile on my face
The twinkle in my eye
The warmth in my heart
The fullness in my life

You are the hand that is laced to mine
And thd coat upon my back
My friend, My love
My shoulder to lean on

You are my silly, mature, caring,
thoughtfull, bright, hones girl
The one who holds me tightly
When i need to cry

You are the dimple in my cheek
The ever consant tingle in my soul
The voice that makes me weak
The happiness of my life

You are all i've ever wanted
You are all i need
You are all i've dreamed of
You are all this to me


  1. emanuel this talent of your,s a smile that make me to always look at you , my friends thnk ure amazing an wanna knw u!!! a heart thats worth to keep

  2. Its easy to know me nombulelo just click here or pop me an email later